What is Phishing

Note: Across articles and security guides the terminology might vary, in fact some people refer to "phishing" as attacks that are untargeted in nature, and "spear-phishing" for attacks that are instead targeted, regardless of whether it is credentials phishing or a malware attack. For the purpose of this guide, we will more simply use "phishing" to refer to credentials phishing.

Phishing is a form of digital attack with the objective of obtaining access to a target's email, social media or other online accounts. The reasons why attackers recur to phishing can be various, and the primary certainly is because especially email accounts are particularly appetible sources of information for an attacker. Additionally, obtaining access to emails or other online accounts could allow to, for example, impersonate the victim in order to conduct further attacks or even obtain access to yet more accounts through a password recovery process.

There are different types of phishing attacks, but essentially we can categorize them in two:

  • Password-Stealing Phishing
  • OAuth Phishing (or Third-Party Application Phishing)

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